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State of the Art Reports

Want to know how the latest research in computer science can help your specific use case, what patents have been filed by competitors and what might be possible to develop in house or use? Commission us to research and report back to you.

Data Analysis

Discover trends, correlations and anomalies in your data. We can use a wide variety of techniques in artificial and non-artificial intelligence to find out what is going on and then clearly present our results.

Data Monitoring

Keep up to date with changes as they happen and ensure the quality of your data. We can help with real time data acquisition, monitoring and visualisation.

Experimental Design

What's better than big data? Good data. Have a complicated problem to solve and need to gather the right data? We can help you gather the information you need and reduce systematic errors.

Product Development

All our algorithms and solutions can be developed to integrate with your existing software across various platforms both online and native mobile. We have many years of experience including, but not limited to, C++, Python, Ruby, Java...

Radiation Detectors

Yes we also build radiation detectors. If you have a product with a CMOS sensor and a processor we can probably build you one too.

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